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Lighting System Troubleshooting:

Although all lighting systems are checked and tested at the factory, once in a while, vibration incurred during shipping or other reasons can cause a system not to work properly after installation.  This is a general trouble shooting procedure, your system may differ slightly, but these steps should help you diagnose and fix the problem easily.  These are simple systems and do not require an electrician.  Lighting systems should be tested at the time of delivery and if an issue is encountered, the troubleshooting should be done at that time to avoid an extra trip.  Replacement bulbs are available at hardware stores and home centers.  Replacement components are available from the factory and are easy to install.

If none of the lights work, verify that the furniture is not sitting on the cord and that the cord is not broken or damaged. 

  • Verify that there is power at the outlet the lighting system is connecting to by trying a lamp or other item in that outlet.
  • Push the switch on and off several times. This could identify a faulty switch if the results are intermittent. If the switch has both a male and female plug on it, use an extension cord to by-pass the switch. If the system works, then you know the switch was the faulty part.
  • If the outlet is OK and the switch is OK, but none of the lights work, then the problem is probably the transformer (if equipped). On large lighting systems, there may be more than one transformer.
  • If only one light of a multi light system is not working, then wiggle each connection between the transformer and the light to check the connections.
  • If a light still remains out, it is most likely that the bulb filament is broken or the two wire pins on the bulb are not making good contact in the socket. This can occur due to vibration during handling or a little corrosion on the connection. Try re-inserting the light bulb into the socket.  If this does not fix the problem the filament is most likely broken and the bulb needs to be replaced. Use a tissue to handle halogen bulbs as the oils in your skin can shorten the life of the bulb. If a bulb burns out in the normal use of the product you can obtain a replacement at most hardware and lighting stores. Always replace with the same wattage bulb.
  • If the light is still out, try switching the connectors between two lights. If the original light works, then the problem is probably the wiring harness. If the original light still does not work, then that lighting fixture needs replaced.
  • Please have the results of this diagnostic procedure ready when requesting replacement parts or calling the factory for assistance.